The Little School That Cares

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The Flowers program is custom-tailored to meet the needs of each student. We are constantly evolving and changing our activities in order to encourage independence in our students.

We are committed to helping the child develop autonomy as an individual and also to establish comfortable and productive peer relations. Each child will be presented with the basic skills and concepts necessary for intellectual development, which include, language, math, science and practical life. We actively promote a child's awareness of and ability to organize their environment. We hope to instill in each child, effective learning strategies and to kindle an excitement for life-long learning.

To help meet these goals, we depend upon parent encouragement and cooperation. The school and the home must be extensions of one another.

As teachers, we continue to grow and learn along with our students. Teaching is our full-time vocation and the path we walk each day full of meaning and purpose. Our daily pledge is to be sensitive to the needs of each child. Prepare materials based on the understanding of these needs. Know the materials and activities available. Approach each child with understanding, patience and love.

Flowers Montessori School is a community of the mind and the spirit.